Answer on the right time

Imagine that your customer wants to buy something or already uses your product or service. When he has a question, he wants an immediate answer. It’s useful if you can answer this question at the right time. Our SmartStart offers the solution.

(Re)use the SmartStar’s content on the service pages of your website, your app, a social media platform or a different relevant location. Make sure that you offer your customer the right assistance if he can’t find the answer on his own. Sometimes chat is the best channel, sometimes a phone call and sometimes a face to face conversation. Offer the right option at the right time and bring your customer in contact with the employee who can help him the best. It pays off!

This is easy to realise with our SmartStart portal. Suiting the rest of your content and branded and in your own look & feel.

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uptime is guaranteed
knowledge is always accessible

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