The right answer in one try

Extremely easy for your employee

Give your employees access to the right answer to questions that customers ask. Our SmartStart knowledgebase makes it possible. In the SmartStart knowledgebase you’re able to find the answers in multiple ways: by searching, by browsing, through widgets with dynamic service content, through a dialogue and through favorites. You can filter by topics and knowledge types. SmartStart is designed to give you the right answer as quickly as possible, because you might have little time to get it. Now, every employee will give the same answer through online chat, social media, phone calls, web forms, email or a face to face conversation. It doesn’t matter if your employee is in your contact center, in a store, behind a counter or at your customer’s home. Involve your employee in continuously improving your content by applying their feedback and suggestions. By doing so, you seamlessly connect to their needs.


Extremely easy for your content manager

With the SmartStart knowledgebase you can easily create, edit and publish service content for the right target group and channel. Since all the information and knowledge comes from the same source, you avoid doing the same work twice, avoid noise and you can see who can see what service content in one overview. After all, employees are allowed to see more information than your customers. You can immediately publish new information to your selected target group.


Stuffed with features

  • The SmartStart is responsive
  • Colors and images are a perfect match with your brand
  • Every employee has its own account
  • You’ll find answers via the search bar with auto fill, a menu structure, filters for specific content types (such as malfunctions, work instructions and news) through widgets, favorites and crumb trails.
  • Choose from four widgets that display relevant information
  • Related answers
  • Already viewed answers
  • Read confirmations on news and malfunctions
  • Adding images, attachments, videos and hyperlinks
  • Decision trees
  • General – and article specific feedback
  • A personal account to look at submitted feedback, manage subscriptions and edit personal data
  • Publish immediately or on a selected moment
  • Rating
  • Adding social channels
  • Generate reports to measure the usage of the knowledgebase
  • Documentation and training
  • The built-in Help Center guides you through the system and offers help when needed
  • Notifications attent users on knowledge articles, news messages and malfunctions

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